//So, yeah. Kind of forgot about this account…

-quietly tries to ease back-

posted 1 year ago

butguresanwouldvekeptmeupallnigh asked: why don't we take a trip to disney world?! it will be fun!!


Yes, we should!

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: Shigure, tell us a story of when you were truly scared.

A time I was truly scared?

Well, whenever my editor is around I’m truly scared…

ellenthestarlouise asked: It sucks that you can't hold me without turning into a dog. I would do anything to be held into your big manly arms. ;)

Ah yes, such is the torment that comes with the Zodiac curse.

posted 1 year ago

OOC: AHHHH. I totally forgot about this. BUT I’M BACK! and I will try to be more active c:

Anonymous asked: Shigure-san, I must ask... Do you have any dirty stories with you and Aaya that you tell no one? Spill it! :D

My dear anon, if I told you, then I would have told someone.

posted 2 years ago

I’m afraid that I am going to have to quit the fruits-basket-role-play group. I’m just way too busy right now with college crap and trying to find a job.

I’m still going to keep this account and RP as Shigure, I just won’t be tied to the group and probably won’t be on that much. I’ll try to be on whenever I can though!

Anonymous asked: How many times can you say "I'm sorry" and really mean it?

Once, because after you say “I’m Sorry” you should probably stop whatever you were doing that was hurting the other person in the first place. If you have to say sorry again, then you never really meant it the first time.

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: Shigure you perve!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kagura-is that you?

posted 2 years ago